Message from President

WELCOME TO THE THIRD TERM OF 2016, especially to our new members. we hope you will enjoy being an active part of our group and that you will be open to sharing your particular gifts with us.
As always we are offering a varied and interesting program of speakers this term and there are mutiple choices for the 2nd half time slot of our Friday program.

As usual, we have quite a few people who have been tripping overseas these past few months, so we look forward to catching up with them and hearing about their travels.

We are also blessed to have a number of members who have come from various countries to live in Australia, which gives us a lively diversity of backgrounds. For our last meeting this term we hope to have a few of these members who will share something about the countries they have come from; the culture, history, fond memories, and the challenges faced in becoming Australian or settling in a new home. Please think about sharing with us if you are in this situation. Carol would love to sign you up for this. Six or so people sharing for 10-15 minutes would make a very interesting hour for the rest of us and help us to know each other better.

So, the term ahead offers opportunity for us to continue learning, be inspired and enjoy one another’s company, in the friendly and inclusive way that we have established.

Carol (on behalf of Rae, who was overseas at the time of printing)